Race 2
Polytrack Plate

Of $27,000.1st $14,850, 2nd $4,590, 3rd $2,160, 4th $1,215, 5th $810, 6th $675, 7th $675, 8th $675
Maiden. Set Weights. For Three-Years-Old and Upwards. No sex restriction.
1300m - 1-15.94 Jennings

Jacky Paper (4)
Michael Walker58.5
BAY G 04 Snippetson x Autumn Zest (King's Best (USA))
S K Ralph, D Coleman, K Coleman-Cox & P Pankhurst
Brett Conlon (Cranbourne)
Black With Red, White And Purple Swirling Horse, Red And Purple Striped Sleeves And Cap
Career: $8,330

2-12 PAKM
1200m (MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Up Good $27,000 ($4,590) Michael Walker (5) 58.5 $18: 1st Spirit of Aquada 57: Margin:4 (0-35.28) 8th at 800m, 9th at 400m
2-13 MOE
1003m (3UP MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Up Soft $22,070 ($3,740) Arron Lynch (3) 58.5 $26: 1st Home By Nine 54: Margin:3/4 Length (0-36.0) 4th at 800m, 2nd at 400m

Frankel My Dear (1)
Damien Oliver58
BAY C 03 Frankel (GB) x Buenos Aires (IRE) (Rainbow Quest (USA))
R H Montague, Mrs S M Montague, P Athanasakos, Mrs A Athanasakos, P Schoormans, M A Lester, Mrs K B Lester, F J Stockdale, Mrs M J Bryan, S D Bryan, T M Montague, S R Montague & Archer Racing (Mgr: A A Inglis)
Robbie Laing (Cranbourne (1))
Black, Red Apple, Red And White Hooped Sleeves, Quartered Cap
Career: $6,800

8-8 SANH
1000m (3Y BM70) BM70 Hcp 3Y Good $40,000 ($800) Damien Oliver (1) 55.5 Rtg:61 $15: 1st Nature Strip 60.5: 2nd Holy Seal 57.5: Margin:3 (0-32.0) 8th at 800m, 8th at 400m
6-11 M V
1200m (MCKENZIE LR) SWP 3Y C&G Good $121,000 ($2,400) Brandon Stockdale(a) (4) 55.0 Rtg:61 $19: 1st Overshare 55: 2nd Bandipur 56.5: Margin:1 (0-35.75) 5th at 800m, 6th at 400m
5-8 FLEM
1000m (3Y HCP) Hcp 3Y Good $120,000 ($3,600) Brandon Stockdale(a) (2) 52.0 Rtg:61 $7.50: 1st Azazel 60: 2nd Wait for No One 59.5: Margin:Short 1/2 Head (0-33.04) 6th at 800m, 7th at 400m

Heavenly Thought (6)
Brad Rawiller58
BAY OR BROWN C 03 So You Think (NZ) x God Love It (St. Covet)
T Bates, M T C D Racing (Mgr: Miss A Maiden), Seventomany (Mgr: C Lewis), G Swann, M Hunter, G Sposato, M Catanzariti, C Mathieson, The Herbie (Mgr: E Aldridge), R Cocks, J Bono, S Thompson, Mrs M Kenna, B Kenna, B Grace & Fulham Racing (Mgr: G Walcott)
Darren Weir (Ballarat)
Lime, Purple Star And Epaulettes, Purple Sleeves, Lime Armbands, Purple Cap
Career: $5,615

4-16 BDGO
1600m (3Y MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Y Soft $25,000 ($1,125) John Allen (12) 58.0 $3.10F: 1st Tavistock Abbey (NZ) 58: 2nd Johnny Vinko (NZ) 58: Margin:1/2 Head (0-36.16) 10th at 1200m, 10th at 800m, 12th at 400m
5-15 GEEL
1421m (3Y MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Y Soft $25,000 ($750) John Allen (12) 58.0 $6: 1st Il Divo 58: 2nd Johnny Vinko (NZ) 58: Margin:Short Head (0-37.3) 12th at 800m, 13th at 400m
2-11 ECHA
1100m (MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Up Soft $22,000 ($3,740) Jye McNeil (3) 56.0 $2.60: 1st Black Sail (NZ) 56: Margin:1 1/2 Length (0-36.82) 7th at 800m, 6th at 400m

Ocean Class (3)
Andrew Mallyon58
BAY C 03 Ocean Park (NZ) x Glamour Puss (NZ) (Tale of the Cat (USA))
N S & Mrs G C Psaltis, Catamaran Syndicate (Mgr: K J Ryan), M A Monagle, T R Wilkinson, T M Forrester, S J Nelis, S Robinson, J Tzemis & J S Morris
David & B Hayes & T Dabernig (Flemington)
Pink, White Diamond, Navy Blue Seams Sleeves, Pink And Navy Blue Quartered Cap
Career: $1,215

4-12 PAKM
1200m (MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Up Good $27,000 ($1,215) Andrew Mallyon (7) 57.0 $13: 1st Spirit of Aquada 57: 2nd Jacky Paper 58.5: Margin:1/2 Length (0-35.28) 7th at 800m, 5th at 400m

The Rouseabout (5)
Mark Zahra58
BROWN G 03 Hard Spun (USA) x Charlottes Mint (Planchet)
Mrs L B Alderson & Ms C M Alderson
Cindy Alderson (Cranbourne)
White, Royal Blue And Gold Band, Royal Blue Sleeves And Cap

Thunderzone (2)
Dwayne Dunn58
BAY G 03 O'Reilly (NZ) x Ziya (IRE) (Lion Cavern (USA))
R & C Legh Racing (Mgr: R P Legh), J A Baldacchino, Gurners Bloodstock (Mgr: M A Ramsden), Pulitano Thoroughbreds (Mgr: G Pulitano), Wright Racing (Mgr: P J Wright), G B Robinson, S W Kay, Ms M A Keating & G J Pell
Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes (Flemington)
Navy Blue, Gold Lightning Bolt, Gold And White Armbands, Gold Cap
Career: $550

9-11 BLLA
1206m (3Y MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Y Good $22,000 ($550) James Winks (4) 58.0 $10: 1st Bed Talk 58: 2nd Sun Quan 58: Margin:3/4 Length (0-35.96) 7th at 800m, 9th at 400m

Whoomph (7)
Stephen Baster58
BAY C 03 High Chaparral (IRE) x Our Eva (Fusaichi Pegasus (USA))
Mrs L J Corstens, Mrs P P Spicer, E Pipersberg, Mrs K E Sawford, L Selwood, B Corser, S Buckley, S P Morrissy & Harvey Racing & Breeding (Mgr: D M Harvey)
Leon & Troy Corstens (Flemington)
Yellow, Royal Blue Knight, Royal Blue And Yellow Stripe Sleeves, Yellow And Royal Blue Star Cap
Career: $23,735

3-9 PAKM
1200m (MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Up Good $27,000 ($2,160) Stephen Baster (3) 58.0 $4.60: 1st Call Me Loyal 58: 2nd Mystic Eyes 56: Margin:Long Neck (0-35.78) 5th at 800m, 6th at 400m
5-12 FLEM
1600m (G'CMICHAEL LR) Hcp 2Y Good $121,200 ($3,000) Stephen Baster (6) 54.5 Rtg:61 $21: 1st Royal Symphony 59: 2nd Anchor Bid 54: Margin:1 1/2 Length (0-35.28) 10th at 1200m, 10th at 800m, 9th at 400m
2-12 FLEM
1400m (2Y HCP) Hcp 2Y Good $100,000 ($18,000) Stephen Baster (8) 57.0 Rtg:59 $71: 1st Royal Symphony 59: Margin:3 3/4 Length (0-34.62) 11th at 800m, 12th at 400m
7-11 PAKS
1400m (MDN-SW) Mdn SW 2Up Synthetic $23,000 ($575) Ben Thompson(a) (2) 56.0 $8: 1st Hakerak 58.5: 2nd Auric Gold 58.5: Margin:1 3/4 Length (0-36.82) 6th at 800m, 7th at 400m

Rosamond (8)
Cory Parish56.5
BAY M 05 Bushranger (IRE) x Rosaglow (Pricelessly (USA))
B Gentle, G Peters, M Fraser, Mrs A Toynton, C Toynton, K Liddle, T Thurley, R Stephens, Miss N Mayne, C Curran, Mrs G Liddle, M Ehmer, A Toynton & B McMahon
Brian Gentle (Bendigo)
Orange And Black Diagonal Halves, Black And White Checked Sleeves And Orange Cap
Career: $22,490

9-12 ARAT
1310m (4UP MDN-SW) Mdn SW 4Up Good $22,000 ($550) Cory Parish (12) 56.5 $81: 1st Young Douro 58.5: 2nd Brooklands 58.5: Margin:2 11th at 800m, 12th at 400m
4-10 ARAT
1600m (MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Up Good $22,000 ($990) Chris Caserta(a) (8) 56.5 $14: 1st Foxanne 56.5: 2nd First Timer 58.5: Margin:1/2 Length (0-36.68) 7th at 1200m, 7th at 800m, 4th at 400m
7-8 CRAN
1600m (MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Up Heavy $27,000 ($675) Cory Parish (3) 56.5 $17: 1st Empire Liberty 57: 2nd Traffic Cop 58.5: Margin:1 1/4 Length 5th at 1200m, 6th at 800m, 6th at 400m
4-13 STAW
1300m (MDN-SW) Mdn SW 4Up Soft $22,000 ($990) Ms Linda Meech (9) 56.5 $18: 1st Rosie Goodnight 54.5: 2nd Goodjamak Baby 58.5: Margin:1 1/4 Length (0-35.53) 11th at 800m, 11th at 400m
5-8 KILM
1450m (F&M MDN-SW) Mdn SW 3Up F&M Soft $22,000 ($660) Cory Parish (1) 58.0 $11: 1st Hunboshi (NZ) 56.5: 2nd Champagne in Paris 58: Margin:2 1/4 Length (0-35.7) 7th at 800m, 7th at 400m